Frequently Asked Questions

How much will I save if I use an immigration service company compared to an attorney?

If it is one person from $2000 and up, but if it is a family petition it could go up to as much as $11000 in savings.

Is it possible for me to file directly to the USCIS?

Yes it is. Most of the forms are available at the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services offices. However, be careful – One single mistake on those forms can cause your case to be instantly rejected.

If it’s possible to file directly to the USCIS myself, why should I use the services of an immigration service company like USIMMIGRATION-SERVICES?

After the terrorist attacks of 9/11 in New York and Washington DC, the US government has implemented more security along its borders making immigration procedures more difficult and a lot more complex.

These complicated procedures are now being used by most government agencies like the Department of Motor Vehicles, the Internal Revenue Service, etc, that is why most people are eager to use the services of specialists in the field or use the appropriate software. Keep one thing in mind, one simple mistake on any of the forms might place your case in the back of the line and the wait could be years!.

USIMMIGRATION-SERVICES specializes in Immigration Procedures ONLY, making this our area or expertise. We provide you the peace of mind and confidence that your forms will be filled out error-free so your case will be processed perfectly.

If I file the forms myself and I make a mistake, what would happen to my application?

It will take about six months only to receive the blue letter stating that your application has mistakes. This letter comes with instructions to fix the mistake, most of the time these instructions are as complex as the initial instructions you followed, so it could be easy to make a second mistake, which will only lead you to a longer waiting period and more delays. In addition, you will have to pay more fees and resend the package again.

Even if you choose to file the documents yourself, we strongly recommend to check for misspellings. Yes, believe it or not… misspellings are the most common mistakes that can lead you to application rejection.

How do I make sure my case has no mistakes before filing with the USCIS?

Your first alternative is to take your case to an attorney, you know this option is way more expensive than to hire a professional immigration service company, most of the time attorneys charge five times more of what the immigration service would charge you to prepare the documents for you.

An immigration service company like USIMMIGRATION-SERVICES assists you in preparing your documentation and forms without mistakes for your filing with the INS. USIMMIGRATION-SERVICES is not a law firm, we are not attorneys and no legal advice is given by the company ever. We use top of the line software to assure that your forms are completed without mistakes. An immigration Specialist Agent is assigned to your case, and will guide you from start to finish, making sure the right documentation and fees are submitted to the right USCIS office.

Please keep in mind that using a qualified specialist is the best way to go, we do not recommend that you make the filing yourself unless you are really confident of the procedures.

How can the USIMMIGRATION-SERVICES System help me?

USIMMIGRATION-SERVICES guarantees your application will be filled without mistakes according to the information you provide. Our fees are much less than the fees charged by attorneys. We guarantee your case will be ready to file as soon as possible after we receive all documentation required. An expert Immigration Agent will be assigned to your case to assure no mistakes are made. A department supervisor will review your documentation and forms before submitting to the USCIS to triple check for accuracy. Our System is proven and our success rate reflects our tried and true methods of getting your case filed and approved on time!

How do I start my immigration case?

Please contact one of our Immigration Specialist at 1-571-426-3562 to start your case now.

Should I compare fees and service with other immigration services?

Of course! There are plenty of immigration attorneys that will take your case and charge you thousands. We encourage you to investigate other options. We know you’ll be back!

Please review the information and services offered by other online companies and compare them against our personalized support.

Even if you don’t choose our company, we encourage you to start your immigration process immediately!

Why choosing

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Lowest Price Guarantee

We save you up to 70% in service fees compared to your local immigration office attorney. Since we do not rent any office space or hire lawyers, we can save money and pass those savings to you!

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You Just Sign We Take Care Everything

We take care of everything for you. From beginning to end you don’t have to worry about the tedious paperwork, we do it for you.

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Experts will clarify all your doubts anytime

We assign you a personal immigration consultant who will be the same person doing your case from beginning to end! A real human being you can call anytime directly for any question or concern you might have.

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Our experience at your disposal

We have worked on cases for the past 8 years with nearly 100% approval rate.

Ana Mejía

Excelente servicio y a buen precio, altamente recomendado, me ayudaron durante todo el proceso para obtener mi Green Card y ahora estoy viviendo legalmente en USA.…Read more

Jaime Torres

The first time I filled out the citizenship forms by myself and to be honest it was a complete headache , so when the time came to go through the whole process again for my wife I didn’t hesitate for a second to work with US Immigration Services…Read more

Jesús Onorio

I have worked with the guys at more than once. First it was my green card, then my wife’s, and recently we both filed our citizenship together. Yes, we are finally American citizens. I have referred friends and family too, and they all are happy clients.…Read more

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“At US immigration Services, we work with you from beginning to end, we verify all the information is correct so that your application doesn’t suffer from any delays. And we do it all saving you hundreds of dollars. Give us a call, the consultation is free!.”